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Customer Care FAQ

What Is Coach Outlet Online? is the only place online where you can purchase authentic Coach Outlet Product. Periodically, we offer special savings on limited products. Sales last as long as the offer as communicated by that particular event. All prices are in U.S. Dollars (USD $).

Are Products Sold Online The Same As Products Sold In Outlet Stores?

Yes, products available online are or will be for sale in most Coach Outlet stores. Online exclusive products are available only at

How Do I Redeem My Birthday Reward?

All Coach Insiders are eligible to redeem one birthday reward per year during the month of their birthday. You’ll receive an email with redemption instructions, so it’s important that you opt in to receive marketing emails from Coach. Want to make sure you’re on the birthday list? Add your birthday to your account and update your email preferences.

How Do I Earn Rewards? Is This A Tiered Points Program?

All members have access to our exclusive rewards. Currently we don’t offer a tiered or points-based system so rewards are yours to enjoy—no points or purchases required. 🙂

Where Can I See My Rewards?

Sign into your account at to see your rewards on your member account page. You can also see special offers tailored to you, exclusive product drops and learn more about your Coach Insider benefits.

Who Can Join Coach Insider And How?

All U.S. and Canada residents, 18 and older, are welcome to join. To become an Insider, all you have to do is create an account online at or sign up with an associate in one of our Coach Outlet stores.

Is There A Coach Insider Tool And Do I Need To Use It To Become An Insider?

The Digital Shopping Assistant tool is not required to become a Coach Insider, but we recommend using it to check prices, access special offers and see your savings.

Can I Redeem My Rewards At Coach Retail Stores?

We’re sorry, but the Coach Insider program is currently only available to Coach Outlet customers.

Can I Redeem My Rewards At Coach Outlet Stores Located In Canada?

Yes, you can. All prices are in USD and custom fees may apply.

I Signed Up To Become An Insider At A Store. How Do I Finish Setting Up My Account Online?

You’ll receive an email with a link to finish setting up your account. The link expires in 12 hours. If your link has expired, sign into your account at and click on “Forgot Password” to reset your password.

Can I Lose My Rewards? Do They Expire?

We encourage you to redeem your rewards often so you can make the most of your Coach Insider membership. Certain rewards and offers expire, so be sure to check expiration dates on your member account page.

What Happens To My Reward If My Order Is Canceled?

If your order is canceled, please contact Customer Service at

Can I Use My Rewards On Past Purchases Or If I Forgot To Use It During Checkout, Can I Redeem It Post Purchase?

We’re sorry but once a transaction is complete, you can no longer redeem your reward for that purchase.

What Are Insider Events And How Do I Get Early Access?

Throughout the year, you’ll get early access to sales and special product drops. You’ll also receive invitations to Insider exclusive events. Be sure to list your local Coach Outlet store under “My Preferences” so you don’t miss a thing.

How Can I Shop Insider Exclusive Product Drops?

Sign into your account at You’ll be able to see exclusive product drops—available to Coach Insiders only—on your member account page.

How Can I Opt Out Of Marketing Emails?

You can unsubscribe by clicking here, calling Customer Care at 1-800-307-0040, clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any Coach email that you receive or by emailing us at

How Can I Cancel My Coach Insider Membership?

You can cancel your membership by clicking here. Choose "Membership" in the drop down menu and then write your request in the "Comments" area.

How Is My Personal Information Used As A Coach Insider?

As a member of the Coach Insider loyalty program, your personal information will be used to administer your account and to provide you with rewards and recommendations. For further details, please see our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions, contact the Privacy Team at

What Else Do I Need To Know?

The Coach Outlet Terms of Use apply to your participation in the Coach Insider program.

What If I Have Additional Questions

Ask away. We love hearing from you. Contact us at

How Do I Update My Email Preferences?

You can unsubscribe by clicking here, by calling Customer Care at 1-800-307-0040, by emailing us at or by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any Coach email that you receive.
Please verify your billing information to ensure that it matches your credit card billing address (i.e., street/city/state/zip address must match EXACTLY). Please be aware that with each submission, you may place another hold on your funds for the total amount of the order. In many cases, submission with a valid credit card number with an incorrect billing address will still result in a hold on your account. If this occurs, please note that those authorizations will drop off your account within 2 - 4 business days depending on your issuing bank. Please contact your bank for further questions.

What Forms of Payment Are Accepted? is currently accepting orders using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, PayPal, and the Coach gift card.

How Will I Know Coach Received My Online Order?

Once you place an order with, we will provide you with a confirmation number and you will receive an Order Confirmation Email to confirm that your order is being processed. If you do not receive your confirmation information within 24 hours, feel free to call Coach Customer Care at 1-800-307-0040 to confirm that Coach has received your order.

What if I Have a Question About My Online Order?

If you have questions about your order, please email us at, or call Coach Customer Care at 1-800-307-0040.

Can I Cancel or Change My Online Order?

We’re sorry, but orders are prepared for shipment immediately and cannot be changed or canceled.

How Many Items Can I Purchase?

Quantities are limited and available while supplies last. There is a 10-unit restriction per customer per purchase, with a maximum of 5 units per style. Coach Outlet may also place a limit on volume purchases over an extended period of time. This is necessary to ensure that all of our customers have a fair and even chance of purchasing authentic Coach Outlet product. This quota is at Coach's discretion and is subject to change.

Do You Honor Price Adjustments?

Price adjustments on previous purchases are not permitted.

Can I Order by Phone?

Yes! Online orders can be assisted by calling toll-free at 1-800-307-0040.

Can My Order Be Gift Wrapped?

Gift packaging is not available at this time.

How Is Sales Tax Calculated?

The sales tax quoted at time of checkout is an estimate. The final total sales tax will be reflected on your invoice and will include state and local taxes based on your local tax rates.

Can I Order or Ship Coach Products Outside of the United States? is not currently accepting orders with billing or shipping addresses outside of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Is It Safe to Use My Credit Card?

Yes. We accept credit card payments through a secure online server using advanced encryption services.

Do I Get Membership Benefits Immediately After Registering?

Yes, member benefits start immediately.

What is Klarna?

Klarna is a leading alternative payments provider, offering payment options for a smoother online shopping experience. Klarna has been used by 70 million people and 170,000 retailers worldwide.

How Do I Pay With Klarna?

Select Klarna at checkout and follow the steps to create a one-time virtual card (the Virtual Card). Return to the Coach Outlet website and use this Virtual Card to finalize your order.

Once your purchase is confirmed (usually on the ship date), the purchase amount will be added to the Virtual Card; it will then be split into four (4) interest-free payments, which will be charged automatically every two weeks. No bills or reminders will be sent to you - you can just relax and enjoy your purchase.

What Happens When I Get My One-Time Virtual Card?

A hold is placed on your credit or debit card for each Virtual Card you create. This ensures that enough funds are available on your credit or debit card. If your final purchase is for an amount less than the amount placed on Virtual Card, you'll only be billed for what you end up spending. Your payment plan will be automatically updated 14 days after your purchase to reflect the amount you actually spent.

If you decide not to complete your Coach Outlet purchase, the Virtual Card will be automatically canceled after 24 hours. If you feel unsure about how to use your Virtual Card at Coach Outlet, don't worry. We've got you covered. Visit the Klarna FAQ page.

How Do I Return Items Paid For With Klarna?

We are unable to offer refunds in-store for orders paid through Klarna. For refunds on these orders, items must be returned to our Jacksonville facility within 30 days of purchase (see below for shipping address). We’re also happy to assist you with an exchange or offer merchandise credit for new, unused items returned to a Coach Outlet store within 30 days of purchase.

CSI Returns
One Coach Way
Jacksonville, FL 32218

Will This Affect My Credit Score?

When you choose to use the Virtual Card and pay over four (4) interest-free payments, Klarna may perform a soft credit check. This type of credit check will not impact your credit score.

How Can I Reach Klarna?

You can reach Klarna customer service anytime by calling 844-KLARNA1 (844-552-7621), or download the Klarna App to manage your payments directly.

Our Commitment Against Counterfeiting

Coach and its parent company Tapestry, Inc. care about the quality, workmanship and authenticity of every product we sell. Counterfeiting is illegal. Counterfeit products do not undergo inspection processes and often do not adhere to safety, health and wage regulations, including child labor and human rights laws. Counterfeiting has been linked to organized crime, child labor, and terrorism. Counterfeits can also harm the economy, including through lost revenues, jobs and taxes. It is estimated that counterfeiting costs the United States economy 250 to 500 billion dollars a year.

Our Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting Efforts

To help protect our Coach brand and consumers from counterfeits, we work with law enforcement and customs officials in the United States and around the world to stop the shipment and sale of counterfeit goods. We also monitor online and offline channels for counterfeit merchandise.

Authorized Channels

Authentic Coach products are sold by Coach retail and outlet stores and online at,, or at authorized department stores and specialty stores. To find a store near you, visit

We do not respond to requests to authenticate product or identify authorized distributors. Please note that if a deal or price sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We do not sell our products at flea markets, through street vendors, or in kiosks in malls.

Be wary of counterfeit websites which claim to be “official.” Websites offering counterfeit product often use misspellings of the actual word “Coach” in the URL. They may also imitate the layout and overall appearance of These websites may also appear on search engine results. A few examples are:,,

Auction websites may have counterfeit goods available for purchase despite language on the product’s listing claiming that it is “authentic.”

Reporting Counterfeits

You can report infringing and counterfeit listings through our counterfeit reporting form, which you can access here. You can also make a report by calling our counterfeit hotline: 1-833-768-1778. We work to combat the unauthorized production and sale of counterfeit Coach merchandise, and appreciate any information you could share to assist us in our efforts. Please provide as much information as possible, including, for example, the location of the merchandise and the type and number of products being offered for sale. Providing as much information is helpful to our anti-counterfeiting efforts.

Counterfeits can be reported using the form and the hotline anonymously. We only use your email address to file and investigate your report. You have certain rights under applicable privacy laws. Please see the applicable privacy policy at the footer of each of our brand websites in the country in which you live for more information on our data handling practices.

Select Coach Outlet stores now offer pickup and virtual shopping appointments. Learn more about this new way to shop here, and please call ahead to see if your local store is offering this service.

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